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Indefinite Hiatus

Hey snowflakes,

I’ve only been back to uni for 2 weeks, but it has become pretty clear that I can’t keep this blog updated when I have 30+ contact hours per week.

I hope that you’ll stick around until I come back, but if you’re following 201 blogs and you’re a bit neurotic, I will understand if you unfollow me to get it to a nice 200.

❝ Every word we utter is but the utterance of a drowsy phantom in our blood, the opening of the lips of a spectre. For this reason
in rare moments of self-consciousness our voice sounds strange, far away, not ours. It is the sudden perception of that great
truth: We are not ourselves. ❞
Benjamin De Casseres, Chameleon 

Missing Partner by Anatol Knotek (via)


Fragile (marker on found ceramic, 2013) by Chad Wys (web/tumblr)

Hi, can I use your "UNMAKE ENSHROUD REFORM PERFECT" links for my theme? Also, what where you meaning those links to mean? In order.. Home, Message, Archive, Navigation? TY :)

Yeah I suppose so. I just used those words because they suited the ‘theme’ of my theme. They can mean whatever you want them to mean; it’d be cool if you came up with your own way to use them.

jazzsparks replied to your post “how was the move? :)”

Thats good to hear the move was good, where did you move to?

I’m actually a second-year at a residential college in Adelaide, so I’m moving back rather than to. I just get a new room to destroy *u*

how was the move? :)

It was great, thank you for asking! My dad came with me to help and I may or may not have blown a blood vessel whilst trying not to cry when we said goodbye. Too emotionally stilted for that shit.

I’m trying to decorate my room but instead cemented the idea that I cannot decorate a room.


Veit Laurent Kurz



Marie Agnes Gillot

Giselle - Myrtha

photo: Anne Deniau

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