how profound

HIATUS. I am an enthusiasm enthusiast. I think about your thoughts and I dream that you dream. I feel strongly about your strong feelings, and I love that you love with all your heart, with all my heart.
So. I have "anal" blacklisted in tumblr savior. And whenever you post something I guess tumblr savior hides it, and says "captainkillian posted something with "anal" in it" I have no idea why it does that for you. It's not in URL, almost never in what you reblog, but it always happens. (I just really though you should know. Hahaha.)


I have a feeling it has to do with my blog title: fatalities & banalities.

and also “almost never in what you reblog”



jesus what have I done

  1. colinfirthhasmoved said: why would you ever blacklist anal
  2. oldmakunahatata said: yeah tumblr saviour blacklists right to the blog title haha its weird but i guess it’s in the coding of the site???
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